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How it works

Our aim to our customers

We love business finance, especially when it’s fast, simple, and helps a business to get what it needs.

From the buzz of the deal, to the thrill of seeing your plans turn into reality, no one is more passionate about taking your business to the next level than LoanGuru. Our automated tech helps us get to the deal that works best for you quicker and easier.

If a clunky, 200 year-old bank is the centre of the universe, we’re the planet furthest away.


We harness the power of automation and technologies to remove process inefficiencies and make accessing finance simple, simple, quick and transparent for our customers.


Our commitment to redefine how businesses access funding is absolute and all our efforts are focused on achieving this goal.


We invest in and adopt the latest technologies to stay at the forefront of the industry and change the way businesses access finance


Using our automation and self-service tools alongside simple documentation and processes, we can focus on you and ensure no time, energy or money is wasted.


Our self service platform, automation technology and efficient processes empower our customers with choice and flexibility in applications.